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source link Though there are some phones that last longer on a charge, the Note 4 is comfortably above the 8-hour and minute smartphone average and the LG G3 It's also way ahead of the Fire Phone, which didn't even last 7 hours on our test. We don't know precisely why the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Plus lasted longer, but the Note 4's larger, higher-resolution display is one likely culprit.

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Where the 5. What carrier you have also plays a significant role in battery life.

The Note 4 has a few battery saving features that didn't improve its endurance on our test, but would help real-world users who don't use their phones continuously. Power saving mode turns down the CPU clock, stops background data and, depending on your settings, turns the screen black and white when your phone's battery gets down to 20 percent you can also make it run all the time.

Ultra Power Saving mode is even more extreme, limiting what apps you can run in addition to turning the screen black and white and lowering the performance.

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Much talked about and crazily-followed Nexus 6 is the first phablet from the company out and about to poise as a fierce competitor to forever-reigning Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the new in the party, Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Google just launched its 5.

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While the Nexus 6 is almost a blown-out version of Moto X , it does look a little different at the edges as it has beveled rather than curved edges of Motorola X. Google Nexus 6 is a 5. The device carries a megapixel camera power packed with optical image stabilization and a 2.

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